Dear customers,

     First of all, we would like to thank you for your many years supporting us from the . During these prosperous years, age has encroached, making the tedious heavy workload difficult.

      After careful consideration, we decided to cease operations despite always enjoying the business and interacting with customers, regretfully we intend to terminate the website and cease accepting orders. It is a hard decision for us.

     We will always remember and thank you for your past patronage.


Tree Peony garden Management



         首先謝謝您們多年來對 的支持與鼓勵, 在這最輝煌的時候, 卻因為年紀已長, 體力不勝負荷的情況下,  經過慎重的考慮, 不得不結束這份喜愛的事業, 關閉網站, 結束營業. 在此特別敬告親愛的顧客們, 謝謝您們長久以來的支持. 並衷心祝福各位身體健康! 平安快樂!


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